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New and Experienced Agents Wanted

Do you have a plan to take your business to $50,000…$70,000…$100,000…$150,000 plus? We do, but only you will know if that plan is right for you.

Do you currently have a steady flow of 75 leads per month? Do you have a newsletter that goes out monthly? Mass email marketing?

To apply as a New Agent for EXIT Realty Lowcountry Group, please follow the 5 steps below.

STEP ONE:  Technology, Leadership, Branding, Education, Financial Security, Fun Environment.  If these are some of what you are looking for then you need to EXIT conventional real estate.  If you want to be on the cutting edge you are at the right place! Read the description to the right to determine if we are a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for us.

STEP TWO:   Answer the following questions (please limit each answer to 75 words or less):

a) What real estate experience or knowledge do you have?
b) What other sales or customer service experience do you have?
c) What is your familiarity with the Charleston or Pee Dee area?
d) Do you know anything about EXIT Realty or EXIT Realty Lowcountry Group? If so, what?
e) Why do you think you will be successful in a real estate career?
f) What is your level of computer/technical proficiency (email/gmail, Word, social media, phone/Android/iPhone, etc…)?
g) If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?

STEP THREE:   Submit your resume (see Step 5 for details).

STEP FOUR:   An important step in our selection process is the completion of some online assessments. Below are some helpful recommendations on how to complete the assessments as well as a link to access them.

a) The profiles are not a measure of IQ & are not timed so take your time. Your first instinctive answer is typically best. As such, do not over analyze or prejudge.
b) There are two profiles to complete. Please complete the profiles at a time with limited interruptions or distractions.
c) There is no cost for this assessment, but you must register at the website to complete the assessment.
d) When you have completed the questions, you will be taken to a “Congratulations!” page. On this page, you’ll be able to download and save your results as pdf files:  “Personal Strengths Profile” and “Values Index Profile.”
e) Click on the link below to get started.

STEP FIVE:   Email answers to the questions from Step 2, attach your resume from Step 3, and attach the two profiles from Step 4. Use “New Agent Application” as the subject line and send the email to:  info@exitlowcountry.com

You will be contacted after ALL FIVE STEPS above have been completed correctly.

ALL inquiries, emails and resumes are completely CONFIDENTIAL.

Thank you in advance!


If you can produce 6 closings from your sphere, past clients, referrals and open house leads, I will provide leads to produce another 18 closings per year, which will result in $50k to $70k in income for you in year 1.

Our compensation plan grows with you. Our tiered compensation plan allows for splits as high as 90% and income to you well into the $100k’s.


I’ve been a full time real estate agent since June 2004. I built my business with the traditional methods of open houses, floor time, contacting my sphere, coaching, business planning, etc…

About three years ago, I started looking into other options for growing my business and I began setting up systems and putting the technology in place to generate leads and convert them into closings.

The problem is that we currently do not have the manpower to follow up with all of the leads effectively and we’re missing opportunities. We’re searching for hard-working, professional agents to add to our firm.


The Greater Charleston and Pee Dee Areas in South Carolina, including Charleston, Dorchester, Berkeley, Florence, Marion, Dillon, Williamsburg Counties and portions of the surrounding areas.


In addition to providing leads, we will provide training to help you gain more expertise (market stats, negotiation/offer writing, etc…), coaching to help you build your business more effectively, contact management software to organize it all, access to a monthly newsletter to your contacts, long term marketing technology to nurture your leads until they are ready, and more.

It’s our goal to provide you with all the support you need so you are able to focus on working with clients.


You will be professional, positive and friendly. You will be teachable and strive to always be learning…how to write a better offer, how to serve clients better, to be more knowledgeable about the areas we serve, to be a better time manager, etc…

You will be accountable. You will set goals and work toward them. You will be responsible, seeking out solutions, not making excuses.

Most importantly, you will work hard!

A word of warning:  EXIT Realty Lowcountry Group isn't for everyone. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than most. You will be expected to push yourself, to make your mark and to strengthen the values, behaviors and culture that are core to success. Before you apply, be sure EXIT Realty Lowcountry Group is right for you.